Sing like your skin
is not humming with
“I’m sorry”s; promise
never to offer the
soft of you to those
who would call you
weak for letting
them see it, in all its
stunning vulnerability.

Do not give your
body to those who
look at you as if
you are a conquest.

There will be days
when the sun gets too
bright and all the sky
inside of you is too
to heavy to bear, you
will call yourself
garden and try your
best to make something
bloom in all the dark
places you have not
yet learned to touch.

Believe me, I have
been walking in circles
amongst lonely soil
and empty space for
so long.

Sing like the unforgivable
messenger you are; do not
ask to be forgiven for the
bones you were born into.
Refuse to apologize.
Swallow your “sorry,” burn
with no mercy, live in your
skin like it has always
been home.

- those who dare be women, come with me ~ Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

Last night, I fell asleep
in the arms of a boy
who loves all the
things I cannot.

I have held myself
so close these past
few months; I think
he brought her back.

I have never
woken up more
surrounded by

I am learning to
remember the touch
of a body that has no
intention to destroy.

- i don’t remember falling asleep, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

I remember nights when security was my blanket and your love was the bed I laid in and I had you.

Now my nights are cold and bare and I am shivering from the emptiness you left me in and god,

it is even painful to fall asleep.

I remember 4am’s when the world was baked in grey, slow and lazy and my eyes opened to the sight of you, wonderfully mine and beautiful.

Now my dawns are a blast of frigid air and I am left freezing as I realize you are no longer there and will never be anymore and god,

it is even painful to wake up.

I remember mornings when we shared coffee on my porch, unhurried and languid as we shared secret smiles and burning looks.

Now my breakfast means sitting on the counter, forcing myself to take a bite as I try to get rid of the acrid taste of losing you from my tongue and dammit,

it is even painful to breathe.

I remember coming home at 5pm’s and seeing your shoes in the hallway, my fingers lightly touching your coat on the hanger, happy you’re there.

Now I usually just stand outside the door for some time, afraid to face the fact that not only my house is empty but my life is as well and baby

I fucking miss you so.

I remember every little thing and it’s a blessing and a curse because it is proof that I was once happy and now everything is gone and god,

it is so damn painful to live.


She Said, She Said: Chapter I || Sade Andria Zabala & Genefe Navilon

Part 2 (surfandwrite), Part 1 (letters-to-the-sea)


She Said, She Said is an on-going writing collaboration between me and my best friend, Sade (surfandwrite). I will be writing one part, I will be writing the other. I will focus on fragility, she on strength.

Please click on the Part 2 link to read her version in order to fully appreciate this piece.

(via letters-to-the-sea)

(via surfandwrite)

"My heart does not belong to me, nor to anyone else. It declared its
independence from me before it turned into a stone."
- Mahmoud Darwish, excerpt from “From now on you are somebody else” in A River Dies of Thirst (via larmoyante)
"Just fucking do it. Tell him how you feel about him and if it scares him away, he wasn’t good enough for you. EAT THAT PIECE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE, I didn’t say the whole cake, but a piece. And don’t feel guilty about it. Buy the coffee you want, frequently. Be good to yourself and don’t rely on others to buy you flowers. BUY THAT BEAUTIFUL PRINT and stick it on your wall and take a plane to meet a lover. Live and love and do it like you’re dying. A different joy arises when you think you have an illness, a brighter side. My god, the vigor on the tip of my tongue, what it fuels."
- Me on liberated somethings (via macedonianmess)

(via love-is-merely-a-dissident)


When you touch just my ankles, something sizzles
my hair, my lungs.

They tell us about chemistry,
but not about how it comes hand in hand with hunger

not how the shy of another body against yours
will loosen you into boneless

I can barely hold your hand without losing my voice,
God forbid our thighs brush, my cheeks will be wearing red for days

last night I dreamt of you and woke up, gasping
your name like a ghost on my lips

I wonder what will happen when you kiss me.
They’ll be finding my ashes in strange places for days.

- Azra.T “First Love” (via 5000letters)

(via 5000letters)


i’m sorry i ended up feeling something for you i know
you were counting on me
to be the concrete girl you’d seen in your dreams,
only smeared lipstick never any strings attached,
just a fuck toy you could try out and
return when things started going bad

i’m sorry i sometimes can’t stand on my own two feet i’m
sorry i like the way that fire tastes i’m sorry
that i don’t chase passion, i drink it straight
so when i met you, the volcano,
i watched my walls
melt away

i’m sorry you were too much for me and the way you smile
makes me so fucking happy i’m sorry that i told you i was
unbreakable i guess you called my bluff i’m sorry
i messed everything

- leave now, then, if you must // r.i.d (via inkskinned)